Henan Pallet Machinery Co., Ltd.

Aiming to demonstrate new accomplishments with a foothold in this new era. He′nan PalletMach Machinery Co., Ltd. is an enterprise devoted to pallet machinery manufacturing with a registered capital of 100 million Yuan. It headquarters at Wenxian county, Jiaozuo, He′nan where is the origin of Taijiquan as well as the town of "Iron Stick Yam".

Company Profile

Specializing in manufacturing machinery with 12 years of experience, He′nan PalletMach Machinery Co., Ltd. is a new type of manufacturing enterprise integrating R& D, sales, operation, and service of pallet machinery. PalletMach, as a prime solution provider for pallet manufacturing, has made significant achievements in the aspects of R& D, design, and innovation.

PalletMach locates at the Industrial Aggregation Zone of Wenxian County, Jiaozuo City where the Taijiquan originates from. Its factory covers an area of 5, 400 square meters. It has a core technology R& D team, manufacturing team, assembly team, sales team, marketing team, and so on. PalletMach is capable to be a leading enterprise in the pallet machinery industry.

The core products of PalletMach are plastic pallet machines reusing waste plastic into high-quality plastic pallets without granulation process. It is a new type of plastic pallet production solution, and its production process and products have been widely recognized by our clients.

Bearing the development value of sharing in mind, PalletMach continues to improve the production process and product quality, and it is devoted to optimizing the pallet overall solution. PalletMach seeks development on quality, promotes results with innovation, and makes contributions to the development of global intelligent warehousing and transportation.
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